Our Mission

Edible Eden was founded to help people connect with their food source, learn about how food is produced and enjoy the healthiest, freshest and most local food they can get.

Our Team

Founder, Josh Rosenstein

Edible Eden Founder, Josh Rosenstein

Josh is an Israeli-American farmer, chef, writer, Permaculturalist and entrepreneur with roots on both sides of the sea. He has over twenty years experience working with plants; from retail nurseries and propagation centers, to agriculture of every stripe, as well as landscaping, xeriscaping, and roof gardens. Before founding Edible Eden, he worked as a writer in the PNW and later at the Adamah program at The Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center and Kayam farm at the Pearlstone Center in Reisterstown, MD.

Josh first studied Permaculture at the Bullock Brothers Permaculture Homestead on Orcas Island in 2006 and has subsequently volunteered, worked and taught at permaculture sites and ecovillages around the world. He has also spent time in the IDF, worked on fishing boats, farms, labor crews, trucks, and in kitchens all over the world.

Equipped with a lifelong passion for ethical eating and farm-to-table cooking, Josh delights in the magic of turning seeds, soil and sunshine into delicious things to eat. Through Edible Eden, Josh aspires to help people have more direct connections to their food sources and educate people about how to grow, prepare and enjoy local foods.

Josh currently lives in NW Baltimore where he and his wife Teri are busy transforming their suburban property into a micro-farm. You can contact Josh at Josh@EdibleEdenFoodscapes.com.


Urban Farmer, Nick Craddock

Nick Craddock originally of Southern Maryland has a storied background with diverse experience all over the world. He has spent time managing organic farms, served in the Merchant Marines and is currently studying Engineering while working for Edible Eden. He can build, fix and plant just about anything!


Designer & Educator, Teri Jedeikin

Teri Jedeikin, MSW is a dynamic educator, therapist and creative designer. She supports Edible Eden through illustrating our design maps, teaching workshops and taking care of CTO Malakai Wolf. Originally from South Africa, Teri has degrees in theater design, anthropology and social work. She is passionate about compost, worm bins, medicinal herbs and home made body care products.


Chief Tasting Officer (CTO), Malakai Wolf

Malakai joined the team 10 months ago, when he was born. Since then, his greatest contributions have been guaranteeing produce freshness and limiting food waste with his big appetite. 

Without a doubt, he contributes the most to the team, with his dashing good looks and refined tastes. 


Minka The Garden Dog

Minka the garden dog loves to eat our produce... and anything else she can get her paws on!