BLTs for the Jews

Oh dear members of my tribe, especially the kosher keepers, but even the less-then-kosher keepers, who grew up keeping kosher and now just kind of avoid pig products for no clear reason... Do I have a treat for you!

First of all, some brief thoughts on bacon- ok, the non-Jews eat it for breakfast. Fine. But beyond a chewy sweet crunchy salty breakfast experience, beyond bringing a smoky rich flavor to your legumenous soups, even forget for a moment about the way roasted squash reaches new hights with a strip of sizzling meat in it's cavity... there is nothing in the world quite like a BLT. (That's Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato for the uninitiated).

Something about how the creaminess of the Hellmans' mayo brings out the sweet acidity of a perfectly ripe summer tomato, the meaty crunch of the bacon juxtaposes with the lesser crunch of a mild stack of lettuce, and it's all encompassed in the sweet embrace of a suitable bread.

It's not just a sandwich- it's an icon, it's an experience. And folks- it is now available for the Jewish pallet. So go, go down to the Bethesda Farmers market and seek out that character of a kosher bacon seller Hayim. Buy a package of his kosher lamb baaacon. If you can't find him email him at (yes it is star k kosher and yes it is made with Grow and Behold free ranging lambs).