Spinach-packed Vegan Spanakopita!

Spinach is in its prime growing season and there's no tastier way to enjoy it than inside flaky, decadent spanakopita. Today, we tried baking a plant-based version of the pastry, swapping feta cheese for nuts.  Success!


Heat oven to 400. 

Cook down onions/scallions, garlic, then spinach. Add in lemon and other spices. 

Mix together spinach and other fillings - we used finely crushed cashews (really finely crushed, we put them in the blender) and vegan cheese in place of feta cheese.

Cut filo dough into strips, fold scoops of mixture into the dough. Brush every layer of dough with melted butter or olive oil as you go to keep it crispy!

Bake for ~30 minutes or until slightly brown. Enjoy!


Fresh or chopped spinach

Filo dough

Chopped onions or scallions


Crushed cashews (optional)

Vegan mozzerella (optional)

Melted vegan butter, or olive oil


Lemon juice