Garden Installations


Once you've determined which parts of the proposal you want to move forward on, we'll set a date with you for the installation. Edible Eden will source and supply all needed materials and our skilled technicians will install any needed infrastructure. Listed below a wide range of what we offer.  We will custom our installs for an individual component or combination of our products for each property to create  the desired vision for our clients.

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Raised Beds

4' x 8' x 18' inch beds built of sturdy 2' x 6' cedar boards and filled with our custom grow mix.





Drip Irrigation System

Drip irrigation will be set up on an automatic timer for up to 4 beds and/or in-ground plantings.


Blueberry Bush(es)

Each bush is 3-4 years old at planting and planted in a special acidic blend.  Varieties are selected based on what thrives in your Baltimore region along with client's preference for flavor and high-yielding varieties.

Fruit Tree Guild

One self-pollinating fruit tree, three berry bushes, and up to 10 pollinator and insectary plants on sheet mulch.


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In-ground Prep
and Planting

We bring in coconut coir, compost, drainage materials, organic fertilizers, mycorrhizal fungi and micronutrients and double dig for a ready to-go garden (cost based on sq. ft.).


Single Fruit Tree

2-3 yr old saplings planted and staked for support

Bramble Run

Raspberry or blackberry canes planted every 5' into an amended bed with industry standard trellis supporting the plants.

Custom Composter

We build a custom composter and teach you composting basics.  Install a composter to increase the nutrient cycling in your home and your garden!  Convert your food scraps and waste into beneficial soil building amendments!




Deer Fence

Industry standard 8' black poly fencing secured to round, black poles with rodent proof base. Typical size is 20' x 20' with gate.  We can offer also provide a quote for a custom build.

Themed Pollinator/Shade/Native Gardens


Whatever the conditions, we can create a special garden that supports wildlife and bio-diversity while producing beautiful flowers or other desired yields. Area is amended with compost, edged and mulched with shredded hardwood. Choose from your range of smaller plants, shrubs and small trees.

Container Gardens


Half Whiskey Barrel

This is an aesthetic and productive container good for a variety of annual crops or several different culinary herbs. We source and fill the barrel with a biologically active growing media

Large Smart Bed /
Aluminum Tub

Large enough to support several larger crops.  Can be intensively planted to support a highly productive container garden. 

Smart Pot

An economical and immediate solution to growing food in containers. Each smart pot is made of geotextile (either black or tan), filled with our custom grow blend and planted in desired annual crop.

Container Gardens

A container garden can be customized to your size, budget and desired yield.


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