The Consultation

Your journey towards abundance begins with a consultation. Edible Eden founder Josh Rosenstein will come to your home or site to perform a site assessment and discuss your goals.

The consultation fee is $99 and includes:

  • An in-depth conversation with you about what kind of food system will work best for you and what you'd like to produce.
  • An assessment of relevant site limitations and considerations.
  • A follow-up email proposing a list of viable projects with ball park prices associated with them.

This is a good time to ask questions about different ideas, the potential for various crops and maintenance or pest deterrent issues. 

We'll discuss considerations such as:

  • What do you and your family like to eat?

  • What is your budget for establishing a growing system?

  • What parts of the growing season you are at home for?

  • How much time and attention would you like to give to this endeavor?

Our customers range from experienced gardeners who want some expert advice, maintenance support or troubleshooting, to aspiring growers who want one of our knowledgeable, experienced farmers to help you get started right the first time.

We design and create food gardens for chefs, parents, schools, and gastronomes. Whether we are putting in a berry patch for the grandkids or designing a complex vertical production system for a restaurant- Edible Eden has the skills, background, and knowledge to grow food for you using whatever resources you have available.