Add Ons

Edible Eden specializes in everything it takes to grow pure, organic, healthy food on your grounds. Whether you are ready for backyard chickens but need some help with the clean up, want to start composting or need help with your sustainably cultivated treecrops- Edible Eden can help!

1. Chicken lover: we'll clean out your coop and spread fresh straw.

2. Treelover: variety-appropriate fruit tree care: monthly spray of organic fertilizers and pest deterrents, annual pruning, composting, limb spreading and thinning.

3. Compost matters: we'll fix your compost pile and get you composting

4. Pickle Party! A food preservation class in your home: schedule a time that works for you and invite some friends: we'll bring everything we need to put up however much excess food you have: pickles, jams, canning, blanching and freezing, whatever you have- we'll preserve it for the winter.