All-in Deluxe

All-in Deluxe includes free harvest basket

The All-in Deluxe package functions like a custom CSA grown on your grounds and designed for your taste. We design a crop plan with your input and then do everything needed to grow the food you want on your property. You receive a weekly delivery of whatever is ripe delivered to your doorstep.

- Weekly visit (2 hrs)

- Bi-weekly foliar fertilizer spray

- Weeding

- Tomato pruning

- Trellising of all relevant crops

- Successional planting of direct seeded crops

- Mulching

- Crop specific side dressing

- Irrigation adjustment based on season and crop

- Pest and disease assessment and intervention

- Seasonal perennial pruning and compost application

- Weekly harvest and delivery to your door of whatever is ripe

- Monthly Edible Eden newsletter: full of tips, tricks and recipes

$450 month, seasonal contract through November