Native & Pollinator Gardens

Edible Eden designs and installs ecological pollinator gardens using native plants and perennial and annual cutting flowers. The gardens feature diverse species that attract butterflies, humming birds and other desirable wildlife while also yielding beautiful flowers for the vase.


We like to incorporate different kinds of plants: grasses with seedheads to feed the birds in the off season, nectar bearing blossoms to attract butterflies and humming birds, and beautiful colors, scents, and textures to titillate the senses of human visitors.

Native wildlife gardens are a great compliment to organic food gardens for a variety of reasons: they attract pollinator species, beneficial insects and predator species that help control garden pests. Did you know that the Ruby Throated hummingbird, besides being amazing and fascinating to watch, is one of the biggest predators of the spotted wing drosophila, scourge of MidAtlantic berry growers?

Wildlife garden species can look good in full sun, partial shade and even full shade and many of the plants are deer resistant.

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