An Edible Eden vision statement

We believe...                          

A front yard landscape incorporating edible and ecological plants

that every square foot of land we interact with is an opportunity to do good in the world.

We believe that modern Western culture has cut us off from something integral and powerful and beautiful about being human- and that is our relationship with the natural systems that fuel our bodies and our spirits.

We believe that the knowledge, practice and understanding of how to grow food is not the domain of agribusiness but the birthright of every human.

We believe that the experience of picking and eating the freshest, most ultra-local of foods has an inspirational, gastronomic and ethical value.

Photos courtesy of Steven Kessler (2018)

Photos courtesy of Steven Kessler (2018)

We believe that munching fresh snap peas and cherry tomatoes off the vine, digging potatoes and smelling flowers is a beautiful, valuable and healthy component of childhood.

We believe that by treating land with respect- using organic growing practices, incorporating native and pollinator plants, and planting edible and medicinal plants, we make the world a better place- for bees and butterflies, for microorganisms and worms, for ourselves and for our children.

We believe that native, pollinator, culinary and medicinal plants are better, more valuable and more desirable then commercial ornamental plants which have no use, support no wildlife and provides minimal value to the ecosystem we are living in.

We believe that by choosing to grow even a small portion of our food at home we are developing food production skills, engaging in a healthy lifestyle, and getting to enjoy the peak experiences of ul tra-local culinary bliss.