Education and Workshops

Edible Eden offers dynamic wellness programs and workshops supporting a holistic approach to a healthier lifestyle. Our wellness and garden educators will come to your site and offer an extensive menu of wellness and healthy lifestyle programs. Whether you are ready for an onsite garden or prefer classroom programs or culinary demonstrations, Edible Eden Wellness has a solution for you.

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Our programs are great for a variety of audiences:

  • Community Centers

  • Corporations

  • Retirement Communities

  • Hospitals

  • Substance Recovery Programs

  • Non-profits


Wellness and Sustainability Workshop Offerings

Take Place in a Garden

  1. Composting 101
  2. Preparing the Garden and Sowing Early Season Crops
  3. Shiitake Mushroom Log Inoculation
  4. Planting Blueberries
  5. Pruning Apples, Pears, Peaches and Plums
  6. Pruning Grapevines
  7. Sheet Mulching and Getting rid of Grass
  8. Guild and Companion Planting (Perennial polyculture)
  9. Drip Irrigation 101
  10. Making a Vertical Bed Out of a Pallet

Take Place Anywhere

  1. Local, Seasonal Eating for Health and Wellness
  2. Planning your Garden and Plant Family Considerations 
  3. Alternatives to the Common Lawn: Conservation  Landscaping, Rain Gardens, Edibles and More
  4. Growing Fruit Trees and Berries in the MidAtlantic
  5. Introduction to Permaculture
  6. Everything you Ever Wanted to Know About Backyard Chickens
  7. Planting Fall Crops for Our Region
  8. Totally Tomatoes: Trellising Systems, Pruning, Varieties, Multinutrients
  9. Growing and Cooking with Fresh herbs
  10. Preserving the Harvest 1: Lacto-fermentation

Take Place Anywhere (Requires Special Equipment)

  1. Preserving the harvest 2: Pickling with Vinegar
  2. Preserving the harvest 3: Blanching, Freezing and Drying
  3. Preserving the harvest 4: Jamming and Canning
  4. Preserving the harvest 5: Making Fresh Cheese and Butter


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