Are you homeowner ready to begin your journey towards an ultra-local, healthy diet harvested from your own backyard? Maybe you have been gardening for years and just want some expert help troubleshooting your garden? People are waking up to realize how broken our industrial food system is and how rewarding, delicious and healthy it is to grow food in your own yard. Working with Edible Eden begins with an initial consultation


Initial Consultation


The initial consultation usually takes between one and two hours. One of Edible Eden's knowledgeable urban farmers will come to your home to perform a site assessment and discuss your growing goals, microclimates and opportunities.

Whether you are an apartment dweller with an 8' x 10' balcony or getting started on a large in-ground, container or raised bed garden, whether your yard is shady, terrorized by deer, or on a steep slope; Edible Eden will identify growing opportunities, brainstorm ideas and share our expertise growing food organically in all sorts of conditions. This is a good time to ask questions about different ideas, the potential for various crops and maintenance or pest deterrent issues. After the initial consultation we follow up with an email detailing different options for your space with ball park estimates so you can decide how to move forward.

If you hire us for an install over $1,000, we will refund $100 of the consultation fee.

Consultations outside of the Baltimore, MD area may include an additional fee.

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