Edible Eden offers exciting edible garden opportunities to restaurants in the Baltimore Metropolitan area. Whether we are helping you save money by growing all your culinary herbs in just the right quantities for fresh harvest, or growing unique, heirloom and specialty variety produce; a beautiful, abundant restaurant garden means increased marketing buzz!


Edible Eden brings over 20 years experience growing and producing food organically in numerous applications and climates as well as proven experience working in the culinary industry: we are committed to creating a restaurant garden program that works for you!

Today's customers are even more invested in the quality, freshness and origin of the foods they consume. Seeing onsite production of beautiful local crops tells a powerful story of environmental stewardship and culinary mastery.

Restaurant gardens span a spectrum from symbolic and decorative to production oriented: even a container garden on a small balcony can add the freshest of culinary herbs to your recipes and a zing to your marketing image.



  • Multi-colored heirloom and cherry tomatoes with unbeatable just-picked flavor

  • Unique specialty crops like ground cherries, rainbow carrots or purple potatoes,

  • No more waste of high-dollar culinary herbs: pick what you want when you need it

  • Succession plantings of custom salad blends and greens


Steps to your onsite garden

Garden design and installation: we will customize your garden to your restaurants budget and production goals.

Garden care and maintenance: we can arrive as often as needed to keep the garden looking great and producing delicious, healthy organic produce.

Customizable harvest options: we can harvest and d eliver fresh produce as desired or leave that part to one of your staff.


Contact us today to schedule your consultation.