Dancer and The Better Benedicts

First of all a shout out to the “Dancer” Eggplant. I've seen some pretty pathetic eggplant plants in my day- riddled with flea beetles, frail and leggy, devoured by the false potato beetle... so when I look at how my Dancer eggplants are growing this year I am really 'kvelling'...such huge, healthy plants! And the fruit is so beautiful, that almost surreal lavender hue on a robust, perfectly formed fruit... it's enough to convert even a hardened eggplant hater. It's true that I find the fruit to be mild flavored- almost to a fault- so it really is a great place to start for folks that don't usually eat this most dense of cultivated solanaceae fruits. Johhnies seeds says you won't find this variety on a supermarket shelf so be sure to get some plants for your garden next year as such a robust plant with such berautiful fruits is definitely worth some space in your garden!

I recently had the pleasure of enjoying a brunch out at Miss Shirleys- we got a vegetarian version of an eggs Benedict dish using little corn fritters as the base and it sure got me thinking... Here is a non-hollandaise sauce, garden-to-table version for your consideration.

Josh's Garden to Table Vegetarian Benedict Alternative for Two